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The eldest to be named laureate was well-known romantic poet William Wordsworth, who was 73 when he became laureate in 1843. Wordsworth was initially reluctant to accept the post due to his age, but.

he is even reluctant to condemn Hazlitt’s harsh and humiliating portrayal of his friend William Godwin in his essay On the Qualifications Necessary to Success in Life Hazlitt fascinates not least.

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Wikipedia defines it thus: “The public domain consists of all creative works to which no exclusive intellectual property.

Dorothy Wordsworth (William’s sister) ate blood pudding one night, and Shapiro offers entertaining analysis on the significance of such a happening. Both a biography and a book of culinary history,

Heaney was a ‘Wordsworthian’ in the true sense of the word. His deep affinity with both William and Dorothy Wordsworth found expression in a reverence for ordinary objects, obscure lives. His poetry.

Researchers from the University of Liverpool found that reading classical literature by writers like the Bard, William Wordsworth or T.S. Eliot has positive effects on the mind and triggers.

When Rory tells Logan about her new project — a biography — he’s overwhelming supportive. The quote is attributed to Longfellow, but it’s actually from a poem by William Wordsworth, "Ode:.

He began, understandably, with a poet: “Posthumous Keats” was a “personal” biography that grew. A Legendary Dinner With Keats, Wordsworth, and Lamb.” Recounting in gripping detail the night Keats.

Then he moved on to other vastnesses: Wikipedia, Facebook and then PornHub. Many heterosexual men feel about their partner what William Wordsworth felt about his wife Mary (they wish she’d put on.

Comparing the two, we see that Conrad views the Thames in the current time as being bright and alive, due to the coming of civilization to London and. See full answer below.

The very name Samuel Taylor Coleridge seems to reverberate like some mysterious. promising careers in either in journalism or the church. Instead he met William and Dorothy Wordsworth in 1797, and.

Smith’s massive work contains a biography of the pioneering manuscript restorer William Berwick and a detailed history of “paper conservation in the United States and Western Europe, 1800 to 1935.”.

I want physical detail in biography: how did it feel to catch sight of them across a room or sit next to them at dinner? The next stop is the Lake District, where you find yourself discreetly circling.

Disraeli wrote frankly, secretly and often to Sarah, and their relationship had some of the intensity of William and Dorothy Wordsworth’s. At a time when the sexes were segregated in so many areas of.

The Lives of Lucian Freud by William Feaver (Bloomsbury £35 hbk): a sparkling biography of the artist’s wild early. Poetry by Adam Nicolson (Wm Collins £25 hbk): sublime study of Wordsworth and.

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Thomas H. Ford traces this shift of meaning, which he sees as first occurring in the poetry of William Wordsworth. Gradually ‘air’ and ‘atmosphere’ took on the new status of metaphor as Wordsworth and.

Wordsworth and Joyce. She added: “How dare you, you sniveling little maniac, tell us how we’re gonna use pronouns! Go take a hike.” On feminism, Paglia criticizes what she calls the “antisex and.

Someone else who had that kind of experience was the English poet William Wordsworth. In a poem that he worked on. have catalysed both public and political change In her magnificent biography of.

In 1802, William Wordsworth composed a sonnet on Westminster Bridge that. In a book about how people live around the Thames, Crampton is intriguingly light on her own biography. Early on, she.

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Offering fresh readings of canonical and non-canonical works, she shows how authors from William Wordsworth to J. K. Rowling have deployed veterans to explore questions that are simultaneously.